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All Book on Wellness That Works use simple self-care strategies to help individuals increase their overall wellness,
which improves a sense of wellbeing and this will lead to experiencing a greater quality of life.

At the basis of lack of success or failure is stress. Stress causes dis-ease which can then turn into disease. All of Celine’s work revolves around helping people resolve that deeply-ingrained emotional stress issues that hold you back.

Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life - ebook

eBook $7.00

Books 7
Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life - Hard copy

Best Buy $39.95 eBook + Hard copy
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Books 7
Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life

Best Buy $44.95 eBook + Hard copy
(For International Buyers – Includes postage)

Books 7

Hear Celine talk about her book:

“Boost Success in All Arears of Your Life”   
– How to build ultimate resilience and energy.

This will help you gain an understanding of some of the content.

This book is about how you can boost your energy and reduce stress so that you can be more successful in any area of your life.

It highlights what is holding you back and offers solutions on how to overcome these issues.

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