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Wellness That Works offers Resilience Training to increase mental health and wellbeing, to reduce stress, and at the same time help boost the immune system. The objective of these courses is to reduce the stress that triggers these mental health issues, or, tone the effects of stress down, so that you will be able to operate more effectively in the world.

Resilience Training

Resilience Training helps you become more conscious and more present to what stresses are affecting you. It helps you increase awareness so that you have more control over how you respond to those stressor triggers, and whether or not you will bother to respond to those stressful events. It gives you tools to help you self-regulate more easily.

Resilience Training is training that helps you become more resilient to all of the stresses that affect you on a daily basis. It helps you increase your wellbeing in these areas: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. These courses are all scientifically researched, tested and proven over thousands of people world-wide, over many, many years.

All Courses provided by Wellness That Works and our CEO – Celine Healy, are designed from an holistic, systems, point of view.

A “systems” approach is defined as:
…’ a set of things working together, as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network or whole’…

When applying a scientific methodology to a system, the objective is to be able to: set a small goal you are trying to achieve, measure your progress, monitor your progress, and then make small, manageable adjustments so that you can change and improve, and therefore be able to achieve that goal.

Resilience Training

Also, in this course “holistic” means that these courses are designed to improve on one or more small systems within the immune system, which runs from the head right down to the bottom. Within the general immune system are other systems such as: digestion, elimination, metabolism, organs, tissues, muscles, blood flow, the respiratory system, the biodome system, the endocrine system, and the resulting mental, emotional and physical systems that are impacted by what is going on within the overall immune system. Many people find that improvements can be felt on many levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When we talk about the immune system and how we can strengthen some aspect of that very large system, we are speaking about increasing our resilience to things, issues or stresses that weaken or deplete the immune system.

Organs of the Immune, Wellness That Works

Please note: This course is not a medical course, nor does it pretend to be.
It is purely a course which helps alleviate the stress issues that impact the many layers within the immune system, and the body/mind, overall.

Hi, my name is Celine Healy ….

I’m one of Australia’s leading stress and wellness specialists.

Having worked in the healing, counselling and coaching areas
for over 15 years…

As an expert in my field, and a trusted author and speaker…
I have been published in magazines such as The Training
Industry Magazine…and on www.selfgrowth.com …
alongside Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Eckhardt Tolle and
Deepak Chopra.

I have also spoken at many events on stress and mental health
in the workplace including… Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, Sydney, May 2018.

Clients come to me because they know…that my approach to resolving stress-related issues…has been scientifically researched, tested and proven world-wide …over many thousands of people…and they the results they get are permanent.

“Fact is… there’s no better way right now…for you to permanently reduce your stress and resulting immune issues …than there is, by taking this course.

The benefits in your personal, professional and business life, and in your decision-making abilities are second to none.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

  • A noticeable increase or frequency of colds, flu and general infections, including respiratory infections
  • An increase in sinus or vaginal infections
  • Increased generalised pain anywhere in the body
  • Increased frequency of negative thoughts
  • Increased frequency of negative feelings
  • Increased gut and unresolved bowel issues
  • Skin rashes and other psoriasis issues
  • Increased inflammation
  • Increased digestive, metabolic or elimination issues
  • Increased feelings of overwhelm
  • Increased feelings of general depression and anxiety
  • Lack of clarity, focus and reduced memory, motivation
  • Being quick to react with anger or rage
  • Increased feelings of stress

…… and many, many, more….

It is from personal experience and observation that this course has been developed, and, as mentioned above, which is based on scientific research, and years of practical application by stress management specialists, over many years, and thousands of people world-wide.

As mentioned above, Celine Healy, CEO of Wellness That Works, is a Stress and Wellness Specialist, a Counsellor, Healer and Coach, and a qualified HeartMath Coach, who writes on issues such as stress, mental health and wellbeing. Celine is often asked to speak at Mental Health Conferences.

This course has been designed:

Specifically for People With Stress Issues That
Weaken The Immune System That Leads to
Feelings of Overwhelm, Worry and Conflict…

“The Stressed Immune System –
Boost Wellness Bridge”

Recently Discovered by Scientific Stress
Management Specialists: a NEW and DIFFERENT
Way to Increase Overall Health and Wellbeing by
Permanently Reducing Those Stress Issues
Which Weaken Your Immune System…

This course will help you:

  • Decrease stress
  • Boost some aspect of your overall immune system
  • Increase overall mental health
  • Increase overall emotional health
  • Increase physical and spiritual health
  • Increase your overall wellness and wellbeing on many levels

Other benefits gained from this course include:

  • You can expect improvement in your confidence within the first week…
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and an elevated heart rate…
  • There is no guess-work here as we use a methodology that has been scientifically tested and proven to work …and you will be measuring, monitoring and making small adjustments each week to help you achieve your goal
  • This takes out that feeling of: “how do I know it will work for me?” … because you will be measuring how your own stress triggers that affect your wellbeing and confidence…not anyone’s else’s, or some norm.
  • The increase in confidence you receive from using “The Stressed Immune System – Boost Wellness Bridge” is permanent. And, the reason why the results are permanent is … because, of the way we help you get to the root cause of those stress triggers …
  • The quality of your decision-making will be better, by default…
  • Knowing that there is scientific proof behind the methodology … will give you even more confidence…
  • Behavioural patterns are affected by stress triggers …and, when you can change these patterns…you increase your overall wellbeing.
  • Gain control over your emotions
  • Be permanently able to respond to stress or triggers or stressful situations in a predictable manner
  • Become a better communicator and a better listene
  • You will feel more energised, and be less reactive
  • Your body aches and pains could reduce or disappear
  • You could feel less tired and overwhelmed, and conflicted
  • Your headaches could reduce, or your back pain
  • You could feel less stressed and less worried
  • You could feel more alert, and be more objective in your responses
  • You could be more focused and have greater clarity of mind
  • You could gain clarity of purpose and experience increased motivation
  • You could be feeling better: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • You gain life-long skills that become embedded in muscle memory, and which can be easily recalled, when needed
  • You could improve your sleep
  • You could break negative habits and pattern of behaviour
  • You could reduce general depression and anxiety
  • You could reduce constant, racing, and intruding negative thoughts

…In essence, you could increase your overall sense of wellness and wellbeing…

The Course Options Available:

For Individuals: Individual DIY Online/or Group Online Courses

Resilience Training to Increase Mental Health and Wellbeing

At present there are two types choices of courses available:

a general stress reduction/mental health focused course – either for individual purchase, or, with an option of adding a personal coaching session,
– in a group online setting of 20- 30 people via zoom.
These group courses are available in the two topics above, as a general stress reduction/mental health focused course. If a person feels the need for a private session. outside of the group sessions, please use the Contact Form to seek advice.

N.B. All Group participants will have permanent access to the DIY Content above, and will receive, by old fashioned post, hard cover copies of the books specifically developed for these courses.

N.B. Online Group Courses will become available when the need arises, and there are sufficient people to start a group.

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For Businesses: Offline – a once only course for a specific entity/or via permanent access to a Licenced Version of Courses – where some content can be added for a specific organisation’s requirements

Resilience Training to Increase Mental Health and Wellbeing/Stress Reduction Courses

These will now will all be online, either in a group format organised with each individual employer, or via a Licensing Fee arrangement, that the company can purchase, and have access to, for the lifetime of the course. Updates will be available when needed.
The Books designed specifically for these courses, and which each participant will require, will need to be purchased from the provider, Celine Healy ©, who holds the licence for these individual courses. Employers can request specific individual company requirements prior to purchase. Please note that the course material, all videos and book content, remain the sole copyright of Celine Healy. ©

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