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5 Steps That Build Mindset Confidence Ebook - Wellness That Works

What is ‘Building Confidence Easily’ all about?

There are dozens of articles and books written on confidence and how you can increase or improve it.

There are many selfcare tips on what to do and what not to do. Some of these methods work. And some don’t. If they don’t work at helping you keep your state of confidence high the majority of the time, then, I believe that, that particular method has some element of it, that does not get to the real, underlying cause of a person’s lack of, or low self-confidence.

And. That’s’ what this book is all about – getting to those issues and that level of understanding, so you can benefit by having a high level of confidence, permanently.

Often, people do not understand what drives this lack of confidence. Many people believe that if you: believe in yourself, be more assertive, or have more courage, that these steps, of and by themselves, will give you the confidence you desire. Build mindset confidence In my opinion these are only short-term measures. What professional career women really want is a way to build and maintain their confidence levels, permanently.

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That Build Mindset Confidence Ebook – Wellness That Works

Put simply, a lack of confidence is derived from your self-image, your self-esteem and your self-concept.

People may know this. However, they just accept that as a fact. But they never ask: “Well. Where does low self-esteem or low self-image come from?”

And. That is the key to obtaining predictable and permanent self-confidence. Find/uncover those often hidden, underlying issues, which are the root cause of your position of “lack of
confidence”, and then you will be able to do something about them.

Understanding this will enable you to finally be able to resolve your state of “lack”, so that your positive confidence level is permanent, and predictable.

Celine Healy

CEO, Wellness That Works

Wellness and Stress Resolution Specialist

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