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Many people write about letting go of the things that are holding you back, whether it is a difficult emotion, a painful past, or a toxic relationship.

Not many people offer reliable ways of how to do that, i.e. actually explain to you how to let go and move on successfully.

Why would that be so?
My observation and experience indicate that there is a lack of understanding about what is behind those painful issues, that are holding you back. And. Throughout this eBook, I hope to show you
why it has been so hard to let go of even the simplest things.

Letting Go

The act of letting go appears to be a concept that is nebulous for many, and because of this, how to achieve that state and be able to move on, may also seem to be ill-defined.

From my years of experience in the areas of counseling, coaching and healing, successful “letting go” involves coming to that “ah-ha” moment, when you consciously acknowledge what you need to let go of specifically, and come to a place of acceptance and caring.

All of these kinds of processes involve being kind to yourself, loving yourself, and necessarily includes implementing on-going self-care strategies in order to accelerate, and maintain,
body/mind repair.

Whatever you need to let go of, your issue:
– A painful past
– A toxic relationship
– Anger
– Grief
– Negative self-talk or
– Negative beliefs

… once you come to an understanding of what the hidden, underlying causes are behind those issues you have identified, then being able to let go and move on, will become so much easier.

Each section highlights what the symptoms might be of not letting go

; the benefits and the myths associated with this topic, together the real reason you are having such difficulties; as well as how to implement wellbeing strategies, so that you can actually let go and move on.

This is all explained in this 107-page eBook, The Letting Go Guide.

This Letting Go eBook forms the basis of all healing from any issue. It is my seminal work and forms the basis of all of the work I do.

I hope you find the Letting Go eBook helpful. Let me know what you think about it. Your feedback is most welcome.

Best wishes on your personal development journey.


Celine Healy

CEO Wellness That Works
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