Relationships – despite how they start out, they have their challenges. In other words, when two people try to coexist, there will be moments where there will be arguments and differences to work through. In some instances, unaddressed challenges can become complications.

Complicated relationships are more than unresolved problems, long distances, trust issues, and indecisiveness. This is why it’s necessary that both people make it a priority to deal with it and learn how to navigate a complicated relationship, especially if they want to stay in it.

While there is no set solution for untangling complicated relationships, some things can help. Let’s discuss them here.

Solutions for Complicated Relationships

Identify the Problem

The reason why a relationship may seem complicated relationships depends on what you identify as a problem. Most of the time, the other person may not be aware of a problematic opinion or something that they do that is a deal-breaker for you. Write down everything you can find about your relationship that may be causing a problem.

Some of these problems may be associated with your attitude, and this is when you’ll have to hold up your end of the bargain.

Understand If You’re Contributing to the Problem

Think about those recent interactions with your partner that became heated arguments. Do you pay full attention to your partner when they share their feelings with you? Have you been more focused on your insecurities? Are you doing your best to support your partner?

On many occasions, paying too much attention to yourself creates a deceitful impression of a relationship that has lost the spark. In a situation like this, you’ll be upset because of something someone said to you in the past.

Don’t Mix the Good and the Bad

When people address problems, they tend to generalize (since it’s easier) and avoid zeroing into an issue that triggers an argument.

Is this bad?

Definitely. When you start focusing on the bigger picture, you stack the bad on top of the good. Avoid walking down this pathway, and try isolating your complicated relationships problems. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what you have to work on.

Create An Environment in Which You Two Can Talk Freely

Frequently, the lack of communication, or meaningful communication becomes one of the key factors people have to end relationships. It’s a problem that starts compounding when one person in the relationship starts holding things back, even if these are non-verbal clues.


Communication is key for Discussing Problems

If you think that the inability to communicate is why your complicated relationships has become complicated, you should try to solve this problem as fast as possible. Discussing problems that have gone unaddressed can be a liberating feeling.

Have a Support System You Can Rely On

Sometimes, talking about your relationship with a person you can trust can help you organize your thoughts. People who know you and the kind of complicated relationships you’re in may be aware of your problems. In some cases, people hide their problems from the people they know to avoid embarrassment. Your friends can offer you advice on what you can change about your relationship.

This way, you’ll get the courage to talk about the way you feel with your partner.

Summary and Way Forward

Relationships are complicated at the best of times. However, when you add further complications such as:

  • Not really understanding the issues
  • Not acknowledging that it is not all them, that you too be contributing to any issues
  • That when issues come up many people default to what is bad or not working, rather than focusing on the positives
  • Tat if you are able to create a safe space to talk about your issues then trust and vulnerability will eb developed. People need to feel safe in being able to discuss whatever is on their mind, without feeling that the other person will be offended and will walk out of the relationship.

These are very common issues especially if you add distance or jobs that require a lot of away me. However, if all else fails, and you are genuinely committed to maintaining your relationship, however, complicated, then I would recommend speaking with a professional.

Blessing on your relationship journey.