Who would have thought that a relationship list is required when Starting a new Relationship? However, after many trials and failures and giving up self and losing identity in relationship, many people now see this as a very practical and sensible approach Before entering that new relationship, ever hopeful. 

In this way you can be sure that your boundaries are set and you will be more resilient. Relationships can be as complicated as they seem sweet.

No one can judge a couple by their appearance whether they are happy or having difficult times together. Women especially are very good at hiding their relationship problems. But, one bad relationship doesn’t mean you won’t find love in your life again. 

It’s also not right to shut all the doors on yourself just because you are afraid that you will again end up in a bad relationship. Falling in love is so easy.
It’s something no one can control. 

It’s a powerful mixture of emotions. When it starts, nothing else seems to matter. Everything feels like a beautiful dream. Be it romantic dinner dates, receiving flowers and chocolates from a doting partner, or love poems all seem so amazing.

But according to experts, love is not enough for a relationship to last long. Other things are more important and equally essential for any relationship to grow strong and last forever.

When we discuss Starting a New Relationship and love, it gets more complicated than it seems. According to the studies on human behaviors, if you found yourself in a relationship just because of the feeling of love, soon you will feel it slipping away.

There are more factors involved to make a strong relationship like trust, respect, personal space, etc. otherwise these kinds of relationships start to get toxic over time.

Here we are going to share a need list for relationships to last longer and grow stronger with time.

Specific Elements of a Starting a new Relationship Needs List

  1. Trust Is The Potent Foundation

Any relationship blossoms if it’s built on strong foundations, and trust should be one of the key factors for it. Love is a completely different chapter of it. If you love someone and you don’t trust them, then it’s never going to work. 

Trust is the most important factor for a healthy relationship. This is why experts look for it first while assessing a couple’s connection. It’s not only about cheating and betrayal. 

Trust is about everything including being vulnerable, trusting that they will have your back in challenging situations, trust with information be it personal or intimate. This all shows that you and your partner are both having each other’s back. 

In short, without trust, your life will be stressful and depressing. No one can live a life full of insecurities and worries that come with an untrustworthy partner. So, make trust your prior goal before starting any relationship.

2. Sense Of Respect

Starting a New Relationship

Respect is an important factor if you are looking for a solid relationship rather than simply being in love. Being a couple, it’s not necessary to have common interests or passions. 

But you do require the capacity to understand each other. One must be present with the other without judging them or putting on any demands and unattainable expectations. You need self respect first before you can genuinely give that to another person.

3. The Feeling Of Security

You don’t feel secure in your relationship? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should think about getting out of this bind. It doesn’t matter how sweet the feeling of love you have for the person if you don’t feel secure around him, then this will bring out all kinds of abandonment issues. 

An emotionally abusive relationship can be toxic. But it’s hard to see if all you are focused on is how much you love the person, and do not then take into account your other emotional needs. 

Many people tend to tolerate such relationships in the name of love. Of course, these kinds of relationships can get sticky. But they don’t end up well. 

Love can meet many needs but it’s never going to be enough to fix an emotionally abusive partner. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. It’s usually best to take a
safe exit than be sorry for your entire life.

4. Maintaining Your Self-Respect

Love is like a beautiful dream. You all must have heard somewhere that love is blind. But the wise one shouldn’t get into a relationship blindly. It’s right that if you love someone then you could be in a relationship with them. 

But don’t forget that you were ‘you’ before you decided to become ‘we’. You should maintain your boundaries and your self-respect and continue to be ‘you’, whilst at the same time allowing for compromises and identifying as ‘we’. You are the most important person in your life. 

Don’t lose yourself, don’t give up your dreams and goals. No one who loves you would like you to leave yourself for them but instead, they should encourage and help you to achieve your interests and aims. This makes love grow more and strengthens relationships.

5. Assess Your Feelings

Thinking of Starting a New Relationship? What to Include in Your Relationship Needs List 1

It is very common to find people who don’t like each other but are still in a relationship because they are in love. Don’t get it? Think about it like this, you have a family member who always points out things about you. 

You dislike them. It’s not easy to get along with such people. You love them because they are your family. But you don’t like them and avoid being around them or talking to them. 

This also can happen in an intimate relationship. You might have feelings for them, but you avoid having long talks with them. You don’t enjoy going out with them. They make you feel uncomfortable with their attitude. You don’t share common interests.

Hence, if you see things have started growing stale, you should take note of them. This is all about knowing your partner and yourself, and how you are both transforming being in a relationship together. 

It’s positive that you both are on the same page. If not, then difficulties arise. This is all about keeping that connection alive which brings you both together, by understanding your feelings and being cognisant of the other person’s feelings.

6. Maintain Your Independence

In many relationships, it is common to see a dependency even for small things. A relationship is nurtured when both partners have their own space for making decisions, have their own things and their own friends and own interests. 

A controlling partner can ruin a relationship, then you will start feeling like you are trapped or jailed. Every person has their own thoughts and feelings. It is essential in a relationship that you make your own decisions. 

You know what’s best for you and an understanding partner will support you in your decisions. Focusing on your individuality will nurture your relationship and bind your connection because you both will be coming better humans and therefore good partners for life.

7. Creating An Equal Partnership

A relationship happens when two individuals share their lives with equality. There’s nothing more beautiful than being with someone who is your true partner in crime. 

No matter what circumstances occur if you both face it together and support each other then you are a happy couple. Creating a balance, even in little things like chores, and emotional support can define a relationship that can last. 

If the relationship is unbalanced and only one person is making an effort, then it will soon be over, or you will soon start feeling like this relationship is a burden.

8. Communication Is Essential

Good communication is the power source of love. There can’t be a lasting relationship without it. You require clear communication in a relationship to define your boundaries, your likes dislikes, and your needs, and to fix problems. 

Any relationship can start crumbling if there is no communication between couples. They can get caught up in misunderstandings, which will lead to cynical arguments and this will later turn into frustration, regrets, and resentments. 

To have a healthy relationship, it is very necessary to have a good communication level between couples. This will enable them to get through difficult times together and this will create a strong bond between them.

9. Honesty And Loyalty Are Must Have

Everyone has a basic need for their partner to trust them. Everyone wants that their partner to trust them. Well, it’s a two-way street. Every relationship depends on honesty and loyalty. 

Lies and deception can get you short-term happiness, but if you want your relationship to last, you should try to be honest with your partner. Honesty and loyalty can save you from long-term damage. 

Your partner might get mad when you tell them something, but if it’s the truth, they will come around and appreciate your honesty.

10. Forgiveness Makes Your Life Easier

Thinking of Starting a New Relationship? What to Include in Your Relationship Needs List 2

Everyone can have a long list of the perfect partner and ideal relationship qualities, but we are all humans and we are all prone to make mistakes. 

The formula for a good relationship must have included, the ingredient of forgiveness. Forgive and forget can make your life easy and your relationship will grow strong over time. Some things cannot be forgotten like cheating and betraying, but they can be forgiven. 

There could be mistakes that happen unwillingly, if your partner is genuinely sorry and regrets them, then you should also try to have a big heart and forgive. Forgiveness is about the person feeling damaged.

If that person maintains the rage, they will eventually become the victim long term. Forgiveness is about letting go and moving on. It is a blessing in disguise. It is an exercise in personal growth.

Way Forward – Getting Ready for a Relationship

Our hearts can get us into complex situations. Love is like a maze; you don’t know what awaits you on the next turn. Keeping your head clear and being forthright about your needs in a relationship, can save you from later problems.

Relationships are not always about sparkles and rainbows. There will be some difficult times. What matters is how much you love each other and understand each other and are willing to compromise within reason. 

This will help you navigate through tough times. You need to have these key elements in your relationship if you and your partner want to grow old together.

Wishing you all the best for the future and happy love life.                 

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