We all have the potential to transform our lives and heal our souls. This can be done through the spiritual alchemical process. Contrary to popular belief, this concept is not about transforming lead into gold and achieving material success.

Instead, spiritual alchemy is about freeing the soul that is trapped within you by your negative feelings, such as self-doubts, fears, personal beliefs, etc. It frees you from your core wounds so you can fully heal yourself and live an unobstructed life.

Becoming a spiritual alchemist means freeing, healing, and transforming yourself so that you achieve ‘gold,’ which is actually soulful awareness and being pure. This article will detail the alchemical process and how to achieve spiritual alchemy.

You Have the Power to Heal Yourself

Spiritual alchemy is an ancient practice that has been around for a while. It is meant to enable individuals to reach their highest level of spirituality while simultaneously healing themselves and restructuring their personalities. In many ways, the spiritual alchemical process allows you to master the art of healing, change, inner liberation, and transformation.

So, to sum up, with spiritual alchemy, indeed, you have the power to heal yourself.

Alchemical Process: The Seven Stages

Achieving the spiritual alchemical process can be possible through self-manifestation and following the seven stages of spiritual alchemy. These help you break down parts of you and transform into a free and whole being. The Alchemical process is as follows:

Stage 1: Calcination

This is the first stage in your life and the first step in self-transformation wherein you break down your ego and slowly let go of your stubbornness, pride, self-doubt, arrogance, self-sabotaging behavior, and any other negative behavior that might be hiding underneath. This will help bring out your raw self.

Stage 2: Dissolution

Once you have broken down and stripped yourself of the distractions and ego, you start seeing your true behaviors, both negative and positive, coming to the surface. During this stage, you might realize your negative and avoidant behaviors, traumatizing memories, and all other emotions and feelings you had been avoiding through habits like watching excessive TV, drugs, and workaholism. Truly, this is the stage when you feel the most vulnerable.

Stage 3: Separation

In this stage, you face your true feelings and emotions head-on. Rather than forgiving, forgetting, and moving on, you let yourself process your feelings regarding others, ourselves, or events. Here, you become aware of your authentic self since you let your heart feel all the aggression, frustration, sadness, and anger towards others and ourselves.

This helps you assess yourself without your ego holding us back. And so, you truly begin healing.

Stage 4: Conjunction

After you have taken the time to experience all the individual emotions you have, you begin working towards understanding your authentic self. Conjunction provides you the opportunity to find inner peace through healing. This is done by bringing your unconscious thoughts and feelings into your consciousness. At this stage, you should be doing a lot of journaling, introspection, and meditation.

Stage 5: Fermentation

The Fermentation stage marks the beginning of your rebirth. It can be compared to the death of a grape that leads to its rebirth in the form of wine. Fermentation literally means when you let your old self and negative feelings and aspects of your personality rot and decompose. Here, you also slowly let go of pieces of yourself that don’t contribute to your spiritual transformation.

Stage 6: Distillation

This stage represents a deeper level of purification where you begin to look for inner peace in the most mundane daily activities. With certain practices such as mindfulness, meditation, self-inquiry, and yoga, you begin to experience a profound sense of inner transformation to become a spiritual alchemist.

Stage 7: Coagulation

This stage of the alchemical process is when you have completely transformed yourself. By this point, you have become free from the mind and the world’s shackles so that it becomes a reflection of you rather than a part of you. You have allowed your soul to connect with the Materia Prima, also known as ‘The Spirit.’ In other words, you have channeled The Spirit through self-manifestation into material form.

Final Words

To achieve true peace, healing, and inner liberation, one must try to achieve spiritual alchemy. It is not a quick process that happens overnight; rather, it takes a lot of effort to strip oneself of their emotions and be completely vulnerable completely. Only this way will we truly begin healing ourselves and finding peace.