We all assume our body wisdom will kick in automatically when we get onto the right path.
That we will be able to heal the body.

You have faith in doing what your doctor or therapist said you needed to do.

Your symptoms are so varied that they could fit into any number of categories.

Unfortunately, when nothing shows up on a traditional test, you begin to query this blind faith.
People are left frustrated. Angry. And overwhelmed.

They don’t know what to do or where to go.

Sometimes, at this stage, they give up.

I too, almost gave up on how to heal the body because body wisdom just did not seem to be activating successfully.

Intuitively, I knew I had “real” physical issues, not imagined issues. But I couldn’t prove it.
I did not know how to heal my body any longer.

Let me explain what happened to me.


1. What Was the Turning Point That Set Me on a Path to Heal the Body and Tap back Into Body Wisdom


I have always had one foot in the traditionalist Western medicine camp, and the other, in the alternative medicine camp. Sometimes you need both to resolve issues.

You would never sit there trying to meditate your way to health when it was proven that you desperately needed brain surgery.

I suffered on-going diarrhea every second week for over three years. This depleted my energy enormously. I felt weak. With this on-going issue you would have thought that I could be getting thinner by the week. However, this was not so.

The general advice was to eat differently, drink more water and to move more. The trouble with that was, that, because I was constantly going to the toilet all day, ingesting more water just speeded up this diarrhoea.

I tried eating more protein and vegetables. My stomach did not recognise this was good food. The receptors on all of the glands and organs did not recognise the difference between good or bad food. Also, too, if I did anything more than walking for exercise, I would use up so much energy, that I would become exhausted and get sick and have to go to bed for three days to recover.

So, the traditional solutions were not working for me. Also, too, the homeopathic drops I was taking were acting like a band aid, and not resolving the real underlying issues which were the cause of my distress.

So, I asked my doctor to refer me to a specialist in the infectious diseases section of a large hospital in the area.

I just felt there was something there, that was not showing up in the blood, and faecal tests.

The other symptoms I had included:

  • On-going sinus problems, with increasing pain, post nasal drip and dark circles under my eyes
  • I was feeling that I was not getting enough nourishment form my food
  • The supplements I was taking were not being absorbed – my finger nails kept breaking and splitting
  • I found I was having to eat more and more food just to have sufficient energy for daily tasks
  • I was not feeling rested after sleep
  • I was not getting enough sleep, finding it difficult to get to sleep, and to stay asleep
  • If I expended any extra energy – like going for a walk or doing some mild form of exercise – I was not able to function effectively and would become sick, get more colds and flu, and have to stay in bed for three days afterwards to recover
  • I had to stop moving to conserve energy
  • I tried diets, fasting and intermittent fasting to lose the excess weight I had incurred even though I had constant diarrhea – however, I grew so hungry I ended up putting on 8kgs (17.5 lbs)
  • I seemed to have then gained an addiction to sugar
  • I have numerous allergies and food intolerances

Now. This is the fun part, as I am sure that many women have been told this. When the doctor cannot find a name for the set of symptoms you mentioned to them, they then tell you it is in your head, and, that you are depressed.

That was what the specialist said.

I looked at him with disdain.

I feel invalidated - wellness that works

I felt invalidated. I was getting depressed because of the lack of diagnosis and effective treatment options. Not the other way around.

So, my struggle was primarily physical and I was exhausted, confused and overwhelmed because the traditional Western Medicine route was not working.

I felt I was ready to give up. I had nowhere to go and was prepared to accept that there was nothing I could do anymore.

I retreated for a while. Feeling sorry for myself. Not knowing what to do.

Then this thought/feeling hit me with ferocity. I was not going to accept that nonsensical, non-diagnosis. I was going to find another way.


The answer came. The turning point for my being able to heal the body.

I tuned my body/mind back into another option.

2. The Non-Traditional Alternative Solution That Had been Eluding Me – The Breakthrough That Made The Difference

I decided to seek out alternative help from my kinesiologist – who I had pushed to the back of my mind.

kinesiology at work - wellness that works

If you haven’t used a kinesiologist, primarily what they do is to help the body identify the underlying issues behind whatever you are having troubles with. They use a technique called: muscle testing, whereby they ask you, and your body/mind, what the real problems are. Since the body “knows” it then tells the kinesiologist what to do and where to go to dig out the underlying hidden issues that are the real cause of your problems.

For me, not only were the physical symptoms debilitating, no traditional strategy that I was trying was working for me.

I had two separate kinesiology sessions. The first break-through was being able to name what I had. Having a label, making it a conscious thing, then allowed my body to find ways to deal with it.



The name given was: endema. The internet definition is:
“Endema occurs when tiny blood vessels in your body, leak fluids. The fluid builds up in surrounding tissues, leading to swelling.”


I have always felt that I have had a low-grade infection and It appears that infections can cause endema.

This leaking of fluids can also cause leaky gut syndrome, whereby the lining of the stomach is affected and food and particles then leak out of the gut and into the blood stream. This can cause all manner of inflammation and disease.

The second kinesiology session revealed that all of the tubes/linings of the organs and stomach lining, were not working to protect me. This also meant that I was not able to absorb the necessary nutrients form the food I was eating. This then caused the necessity to eat more food because I was not getting enough energy to survive, let alone do any number of extra things, such as walking.

At the basis of these issues was the belief that: “I would never be safe.”

So, what that meant was that I had lost all hope, all expectation, that I would be able to protect myself and be safe from events or people. Having this belief meant that the information/thoughts/feelings and food – which is all “information” to the nervous system, being sent to all of the organs, was not able to be interpreted.

This meant that there was no useful information getting to the glands or organs. In effect, this meant that the whole of the endocrine system was shut down. No glands or organs were working effectively, nor were they being nourished. This meant that I was not able to digest, process or eliminate effectively, even though I had constant diarrhoea.

Food information was not recognised. No nutrients were being absorbed. I had to eat more just to feel that I was being nourished. No organs were working properly. Yet, excess food, even though I had massive diarrhoea constantly, all of the food was being stored as fat because the endocrine receptors did not recognise any food as being of benefit.

In effect, the diarrhoea was the result of losing all hope and expectation of ever being safe, so there was no point in absorbing or trying to glean any nourishment out of the food I was eating.

The other effect was that all of these things contributed to my body disconnecting from body wisdom.

Body wisdom is all of that knowledge, passed down through the ages, on how to process everything. This manifests internally, as your own personal assessment system.

So, in effect, the experiences that have happened in my life, together with the interpretations and beliefs formed from those experiences, effectively cut off my physical body from how to use any kind of body wisdom. This made it impossible to heal the body.

So, this underlying belief, the naming of the diagnosis, the fact that I was not absorbing food, that the endocrine system being shut down – all of these things manifested as physical symptoms that were too overwhelming for me, personally, to be able to tap into body wisdom or to heal the body. Any information I had within my body/mind was all screwed up. I was misfiring on all cylinders.

This has to stop. These information screw-ups needed to be unravelled and put back on track so I could heal.

3. What Was the End Result – the Good News

a process of healing – wellness that works

The result of the process of going through the specialist, to being told it was all in my head, to finally naming the problem and what was/was not happening physically, meant that the process of healing can now begin.



Why? Because the body/mind now recognises consciously, what the unconscious, unstated issue was. Healing starts when you move from the unconscious to the “ah ha” conscious recognition of an issue.

This dis-ease, is a very recent occurrence for me. And. I am pleased to say that I have not had that debilitating, on-going diarrhoea in the past two months, since the two sessions of kinesiology. I only get diarrhoea now if I eat foods to which I have an intolerance, such as: wheat, gluten and dairy products.

I am now starting to absorb nutrients from good foods.

I have the energy to do more and have recently rejoiced the gym after an absence of three years.

My depression around the non-diagnosis has lifted and I now feel hopeful once again.

I am taking supplements and vitamins and minerals, including pre, or and post biotics to help mend the linings and protective layers of the organs and stomach.

I do not know how long this healing process will take.

However, I am on the road to recovery and feeling better. To being reconnected to body wisdom. And. To healing the body.

4. Have You Had a Similar Occurrence – If So, What Will You Do About It?

Have you had a situation whereby you had a recurring health issue and did not know what to do about it?

Are you stuck in a situation and you find you are not getting anywhere with the traditional approaches?

impossible to possible - wellness that works

Take the plunge, as I did, and see a kinesiologist so that you can uncover the real issues behind what is keeping you stuck. Or from healing your body/mind.

Once the reasons have been identified, your path to healing the body and reconnecting with body wisdom, can be activated.

I urge you to try something new.

If you have enjoyed this case study and learnt something about body wisdom and healing the body, then please do leave a comment below. Or. Retweet this link.

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