On 9 January 2022, 

Several truckers working in western Canada started what was named the Freedom Convoy—a peaceful demonstration that aimed to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for those who were to cross the US-Canada border. 

Since then, the protest has erupted into a full-fledged event in Ottowa, that has eventually led Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to declare a state of emergency in the city.

Despite a few instances of violence, the focus of the protest has simply meant to peacefully fight for the right to choose vaccinations or not. Reclaim Your Empowerment The plight of the several professionals whose jobs are now challenged could be referred to as the Uyghurs of Canada. 

The outcast. The denigrated. The maligned. Reclaim Your Empowerment Regardless of whether you agree with the truckers’ stance, there’s a lot to learn about how to reclaim your empowerment.

This article, therefore, focuses on this form of How Will You Reclaim Your Empowerment and how such efforts can help us manifest what we want in life. Here’s what you should know.

The Story of the Truckers’ Empowerment in Canada

The Freedom Convoy originally was a protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truckers who needed to cross the Canada-US border during their transportation trips. 

However, that protest eventually came to represent a protest against the government’s intervention in making COVID-19 vaccines necessary for professionals to stay employed for their respective designations.

The primary focus of this protest has been to have the freedom of choice with regards to vaccinations against the coronavirus (and, of course, others in general). Some truckers have said they want freedom, choice, and hope—something they believe is being taken away through vaccine mandate decisions.

In the case of the United States, the CDC, i.e., the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, has discussed the effectiveness of natural immunity to the COVID-19 virus, which could give unvaccinated individuals potential hope for their safety.

What This Ongoing Incident Teaches Us About Personal Empowerment

There’s something particularly important to take away from this ongoing incident: a dedication toward self-empowerment. Excusing some of the instances of violent rhetoric, the truckers and their supporters have peacefully demanded the right to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies, their health, and their safety. 

It has been weeks that this protest has continued, and despite the challenges that they have had to face, they have continued to stay steadfast with their stance.

Reclaim Your Empowerment

This steadfastness has also encouraged more people to participate in the protest—which is evident in the fact that the focus of the protest started from cross-border vaccine mandates to government influence on getting the COVID-19 vaccine on the whole.

Persistence in Manifestation

Another important lesson that this incident teaches us is the role of persistence in manifestation. When you set out to manifest something, it’s paramount that you stay committed to your decision. Manifesting success may not be immediate. 

Yet, you must know that you can achieve your dreams and attain self-empowerment (or whatever you’re trying to manifest) through your consistent effort.

An important manifestation technique is to continue to imagine that you have reached your goal and that you’re working and celebrating that success with the people that are important to you.

With that technique, persistence, and belief that you will achieve, you will certainly start to reach your goal.

Last Few Words

As important as it is to take away how the trucker situation teaches about persistence in manifestation, it’s doubly important to work towards self-empowerment in your lives in the same way. For more ideas and manifestation techniques on self-empowerment, check this out!