The effects of Stress on confidence in your personal life are greater than you may realize.

Feeling and exuding Stress on confidence on a regular basis will improve your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health!

Ultimately when your confidence and self-esteem are low, your thoughts are also. A daily habit of low-vibration thoughts, especially the self-sabotaging kind, will set you up for failure in all areas of your life.

Confidence is a mindset practice combined with an action-taking discipline that can create incredible results.

The problem is, you’re waiting around to feel confident before you make a move for your physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial health.

It doesn’t work that way.

You will only feel the clarity, courage, and Stress on confidence you’re craving when you move through the fear and take aligned action.

It will take a practice of awareness, including adopting positive thoughts about yourself and your life, to get there.

But why do we lack confidence in the first place?

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What Are Some of The Effects of Stress on confidence

Remember that confidence is a mindset, and our mindset comes from many different factors, from how we grew up, to the current world around us.

When there’s a lack of it we experience negative thoughts and feelings, self-loathing, self-sabotaging messages (those inner critic thoughts in our head), feelings of not-good-enough, a tendency to be a perfectionist, and a less of an ability to bounce back from life’s daily challenges.

Signs of low self esteem - Wellness That Works

We may also experience a lack of self-care, and difficulty in our relationships.

We end up feeling powerless and unable to make decisions.

How Confidence Affects Your Emotional Health

What causes it in the first place? Psychology Today answers that question and helps us understand five different reasons we may experience a lack of confidence.

Confidence is also an energy. Because every thought is energy with a particular vibration. And like attracts like. So, if you’re in a habit of thinking and feeling bad things about yourself, you will bring about more to feel bad about.

How Confidence Boosts Your Physical Health

Because every thought and emotion, has energy, and the cells of our body are affected by energy, there is a physiological response in the body to every kind of thought or emotion. Stuck in a regular habit of a Stress on confidence? This will create a negative vibration in the cells of your body and begin to affect your health.

A lack of confidence also shows up in your posture with slumped shoulders, a forward head, and a slouched back. Over time, the myofascial system in your body tightens, dehydrates, and can develop restrictions from repetitive, poor postures. The opposite is true as well. Walk into the room exuding Stress on confidence and self-esteem and you will
carry your body differently, standing tall with head high, and shoulders back. And a lack of confidence doesn’t just affect you physically, if left unchecked, it can create significant mental and emotional issues.

How Confidence Affects Your Mental Health

Can a Lack of Confidence Cause Depression?

The mental and emotional benefits of feeling confident are many.

A lack of confidence can lead to both anxiety and depression, including more severe eating disorders, and suicidal tendencies. It can also lead to addiction. Once you have a negative thought it can lead to repetitive negativity and limiting beliefs. When your beliefs change, your outlook on life changes. And so, goes the vicious cycle.

Confidence can affect your mental health - Wellness That Works

When you’re feeling bad about yourself, you’re more likely to avoid social interaction and connecting with others, and your relationships are strained and can suffer. When you practice the mindset of Stress on confidence you will tend to have a much better outlook on life, and that will show up positively in all of your relationships, personal or otherwise.

How Does Confidence Effect Spirituality?

Do you have spiritual self-confidence?

Some say that this is even more important than regular self-confidence. It has to do with being certain or sure about things. It’s a knowing, a strong trust in your intuition. Read more about spiritual self-confidence here. ( ).

By now you’re starting to understand that confidence affects pretty much everything.

Well, how about your finances?
Yes, that too.

Can Confidence Help Boost Finances?

Feeling confident enough to ask for that raise you deserve? Confront a friend about that money he owes you? Take a risk and start that company you’ve always dreamed of? It’s the belief in yourself combined with the action taking, even if you’re scared, that will create that boost in your bank account.

Confidence can boost finances - Wellness That Works

People who believe in themselves are usually the ones exhibiting behaviors and taking the actions that help them make more money. Increased Stress on confidence goes along with the ability to take more risks, and also the ability to bounce back when things go wrong.

Confident people have an awareness of their thoughts that helps them make healthier choices. When you have the awareness, you have the ability to choose what aligns with your health, wellness and desires in life.

What Steps Will You Take Now

Knowing how confidence can affect virtually every area of your life, what steps will you take to ensure your become as successful and as confident as you can be?

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How to Become
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How to Become More Confident!

Learn the techniques guaranteed
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