Top Best Personal Growth and Development Essays by Influencers

You’ve decided you want to achieve personal success in life.

You search and search in the personal growth and development, and self-improvement areas. Who to follow? Who is an influencer in their field? Who has made the biggest contribution?

You’ve heard that if you want to shortcut achieving personal success in life, modelling a successful influencer is the way to go.

So, you might also need to work out what path you’ll take and why.

Knowing your “why” of wanting to achieve personal success in life will most definitely be the best starting point. However, after that you might want to know the “who”. “Who” in that personal growth niche will help you get to where you want to go. 

And. Through those personal growth influencers, hopefully you will glean an understanding of the “how” they have achieved their own personal success in life.

By reading their blogs, their articles and books, through their courses and webinars, their practical tips and practical tools, and those articles of others they share socially, you will work out what is important to them and how you can best utilise that advice.

This is my top personal growth list. These influencers fall into the category that I most admire. And, that is, one of “leadership”.

So, that you understand what that means to me, here is a definition by Kruse, that I refer to often and that is:

“Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”

Implicit in that definition are leadership qualities that I can best relate to and these include:

  • That leadership is a process – a status that you gain over time
  • The process is one of gaining followers who are happy to follow you because you have something valuable to say, and you share social, in all forms of media
  • The objective of that leadership is that the influencer helps bring out the best in those followers by providing valuable content that helps followers achieve the personal success in life they desire, and
  • That the personal growth influencer has a vision for the success they create and helps inspire their followers to hook into that vision and make it their own, or, to fashion their own vision of personal success in life

So, that is how these specific personal growth influencers arrived on my list. I consider them to be leaders in their respective fields. And, that they have made a difference in many people’s lives.

The other aspect that I admire, is that the personal growth niche authors and bloggers, have cross-fertilised the niche with topics that seep into other areas such as health, exercise, detoxing from life, how to set yourself up for a better or improved lifestyle, and so on.

From my perspective if you do not tackle the physical body, and the impact that thoughts, words and deeds have on the body, and then the mind, you are missing half of the available data for personal growth and development.

All of the bloggers and authors below, have these things in common.

They have been persistent, consistent and have persevered over time in order to achieve their own personal success, which has magnified into world-wide influence.

Some are totally irreverent and who buck the system. Others are more traditional.

However, they all have longevity. And. For these reasons, I personally admire them, and love what they do.

This list is in no particular order.

I do hope you enjoy reading from this top personal growth influencer list.


Marc and Angel Chernoff
Authors and Bloggers
Book: Getting Back to Happy: Change   Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, and Turn Trials into Triumphs

About: Marc and Angel Chernoff

Having been in the personal growth niche since 2006, Marc and Angel have become New York Times bestselling authors. They say they’ve done it the hard way and have learned what works and what doesn’t. Their approach has been: one step-at-a-time. Their aim, through their blog, books, courses and coaching is to help students and readers choose a mindset that will help them move forwards. When you are stuck you need to take a slower pace. However, all change starts from the inside out. Eventually, the student gains back control over their struggles. And. That is the ultimate goal.

 About this Blog: Marc and Angel Hack Life

Having recognized early on in their journey Marc and Angel realized that what was holding people back from achieving their goals was those hidden, unwanted, limiting beliefs that keep people stuck. Once you have been able to do that, release those limiting beliefs, you can navigate towards success, one day at-a-time. The aim of this site is to give readers and students the tools to help them identify those limiting beliefs and help people transform into more meaningful states. This Blog is also about helping people think and feel, and therefore live a better life so they can achieve their own personal success in life.

About the Book: Getting Back to Happy: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, and Turn Trials into Triumphs

This book highlights strategies for changing thought patterns and daily habits so that people can bounce back from tough times more easily. It is about helping the reader become their best self. Daily rituals help instil new opportunities for increasing self-care. It gives you ways to change your mind-set for optimal empowerment in your personal development.

Favourite articles:

10 Quick Questions that Will Change the Way You Think Today

8 Little Wake-Up Calls You Need to Receive Before it’s Too Late

Lori-Deschane —wellness-that-works

Lori Deschane
Author and Blogger
Book: Tiny Buddha – Simple Wisdom For Life’s hard Questions  

About: Lori Deschene

Lori emerged from a chequered background littered with struggles to overcome bulimia, major depression and stress. She happily admits that she did learn to embrace her emotional sensitivity. From this painful background Lori transformed and built her career leveraging on this painful past. Her motivation and drive to contribute to the personal growth niche is based on this motto: “if you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten you path.” Buddha

About this Blog: Tiny Buddha

There are simply hundreds of articles, inspiring quotes and ideas for readers on this site. The aim of the blog is to illuminate the path for others. However, the proviso being, that simply gaining knowledge isn’t the issue. It’s about applying that knowledge that is the challenge for most readers. Tiny Buddha’s readers can sometimes be very busy just doing life. However, Lori’s idea is that with the content of this blog, she hopes that people do stop and smell the roses. In essence, learning how to be. Tiny Buddha is all about peace and happiness, finding the right balance to become the best version of yourself you can be.

About the Book: Tiny Buddha – Simple Wisdom For Life’s hard Questions  

This book delves into the big questions in life. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What does it take to be happy? This book is written from the simple wisdom that we all have something to teach, as well as something to learn. It is about living mindfully. Lori utilizes her own experiences of living through pain, change and possibilities, to illuminate how these very events play such an important part in influencing our daily lives. This book is about how to live meaningfully. It is about being present. It is about our connection to others, living, loving and growing together.

Favourite articles:

How to Just Be: 5 Lessons I Learned from Watching Sunsets

When You’ve Lost Your Passion for That Thing You Once Loved


Vishan Lakhiani
Author and Blogger
Book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms

About: Vishen Lakhiani

As the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen has emerged from being an author and entrepreneur to become one of the world’s most progressive thought leaders on the education and learning space online. His vision is to create a movement in blending computational thinking, integral theory, modern spirituality and other aspects of personal growth. Vishen has projected into the future of learning how to best help students optimize their capabilities to achieve an extraordinary life, sooner, rather than later.

About this Site: Mind Valley

Mindvalley is a fusion of cutting-edge ideas from all aspects of the personal growth niche. This site challenges conventional wisdom about topics such as: goal-setting, mindfulness, happiness and purpose in life. It is about providing a powerful framework for re-coding yourself. It is about replacing old ideas and models that have not worked and which have held you back. It is about opening up to new and empowering beliefs and behaviors that can help you truly achieve what you desire. And, help you move towards an extraordinary life. It is about creating the code into this new Aladdin’s Cave of opportunities.

Mindvalley site is about gathering the best educationists on: performance, the mind, health, relationships and career, so that it becomes a global community – all brought together by a passion for life by learning and contribution. This community is about wanting to make an impact on humanity. This is created through the belief that education is the key to elevating humanity.

About the Book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed of book cover  on Your Own Terms

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, a New York Times best seller, questions the very fabric of our beliefs about how the world operates. It is about breaking with those traditionally accepted models of world-view and helping you create a new reality for yourself. It is about finding success on your own terms.

The Code is a blueprint of new laws, new codes, that will help the reader break free of living an ordinary life. It highlights the fact that everything we know about the world is shaped by conditioning and habit. That means we automatically limit our possibilities. The Code helps the reader re-define what your life could look like when you discard old-hat rules. It helps the reader redefine a new approach to success and happiness.

Favourite courses:

Instantly Reprogram Your Subconscious to Create Abundance our in Health, Wealth and Love 

Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles and Reconnect With the Essence of Your Being


Barrie Davenport
Author and Blogger
Book: Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

About: Barrie Davenport

Barrie has been in the personal growth niche for some time. She has dedicated her career to helping people take action through her books, articles, coaching and teaching experiences. Barrie prides herself on offering approaches that work. That is why she provides books and courses, the methodology of which, have been scientifically tested and proven, so that measurable change can be gauged. Barrie is a life-long learner who admits that she is still a work-in-progress as she manages challenges with experiences, her highs and lows, as she passes on this valuable knowledge to others.  

About this Blog: Live Bold and Bloom

Barrie has positioned herself in the personal growth/personal development niche by aligning with the values of increasing personal awareness and emotional intelligence for herself and her readers. This site is all about breaking free from limits, whether they are negative beliefs or from toxic relationships, so that the reader can find their passion. Barrie also helps her readers learn new skills and get to core emotional issues so that they can develop better habits, be more mindful, peaceful and be more present.

About the Book: Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts lead to all kind of struggle. Sometimes they can be overwhelming and then they can have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle. Barrie provides specific mindfulness techniques that help create more “space” in your mind, which then allows you to experience and enjoy inner peace and greater happiness. It’s about gaining clarity so you can prioritize your efforts and your goals. This is about decluttering your mind, helping you clean up that mental chatter. And, help you adopt better habits and take clearer action to overcome what is holding you back from living a meaningful life.

Favourite articles:

37 Of The Best Creative Project Ideas For Fun And Relaxation

How To Soul Search: 7 Actions To Discover Your Higher Self


Maria Popova
Author and Blogger
Book:  A Velocity of being: Letters to A Young reader

About: Maria Popova

Maria has developed herself and her writing since 2006 and she loves to read about the topics she includes on her blog. She writes painstakingly and in-depth about these topics, trying to research and utilise this into and apply it to changing her life for the better. Maria has taken an holistic approach to gleaning from and merging models from different areas of the literature, so that these composite thoughts help shape a new reality for herself, and hopefully a new reality for her readers.

About the Blog: Brain Pickings

This site has developed as a labour of love and which searches a wide variety of literature from science, art, philosophy and other avenues of human thought and feeling. Maria has tried and successfully done so, to provide an array of thought-provoking articles for her readers, the background of which she researched and writes, on a regular basis. This site has provided inciteful articles since 2006 and is subscriber based via donation.

About the Book: A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader

This book is a collection of diverse contributions form a number of authors and areas: writers, artists, scientists, philosophers and entrepreneurs. It tells of the joys of these contributors on how reading books has increased and deepened their human experience, and how these learnings have shaped and massaged their own character for the better. Maria hopes that this collection will aid the reader toward a life-long enjoyment of reading books. This book, developed out of a project of generosity of spirit and goodwill from the contributors, who all share a love of books.


Favourite articles:

Altered States of Consciousness: The Neuropsychology of How Time Perception Modulates Our Experience of Self, from Depression to Boredom to Creative Flow   

Is There a God? Stephen Hawking Gives the Definitive Answer to the Eternal Question


Ramit Sethi
Author and Blogger
Book: I Will Teach You To Be Rich: No Guilt, no Excuses – Just a 6-week Programme that Works

About: Ramit Sethi

Ramit is a New York Times bestselling author. He has studied technology and psychology, and has a unique approach to helping people online achieve a more prosperous life. Ramit suggest that you focus on 5-10 wins that are worth huge dollars. Then master those and you will win the riches stakes. His philosophy includes giving away lots of free material. Why? Because of his standards. His free stuff is most often better than anyone else’s paid stuff. Ramit’s approach stems from his observation and experience that experts were telling people standard things but no one was doing those things. He decided to focus on what actually works – in life, and in general.

About the Site: I Will Teach You to be Rich

This site is about taking what actually works and helping people apply it. Ramit takes a unique approach to finding out how best to serve his readers. He concluded that everyone knows what they “should” be doing. Ramit decided that people did not need “more information”. He says that what is needed instead, is that people need to master the psychology and systems that will help them “do” what they already know they “should” be doing.
Ramit’s philosophy is based on a quote from Clotaire Rapaille who stated in a lecture:
“If education (more knowledge) is the answer, then why hasn’t it helped more of you?” (achieve, in this case, weight loss)
Ramit’s site is designed to show people the exact systems to help you live a rich and prosperous life – in any area.
This is the part the part that I particularly like about Ramit’s work. He says that – willpower is limited. Trying harder does not work. Pursuing your passion also does not work.
Finally, Ramit suggests that you focus on activities that will generate massive results for you, for the rest of your life.   

About the Book: I Will Teach You To Be Rich: No Guilt, no Excuses – Just a 6-week Programme that Works

This book gives you practical approaches based on four pillars of personal finance: banking, saving, budgeting and investing. It also covers wealth building ideas on personal entrepreneurialship. Ramit likes to help people automate their money flow. This book also deals with approaches to managing: credit cards, fees, investment accounts, loans, negotiating a pay rise, and much, much more.

Favourite articles:

When to push, when to rest, when to quit

3 strategic ways to achieve your goals


James Clear
Author and Blogger
Book: Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

About: James Clear

James’ life work revolves around habits, decision-making and continuous improvement. He is a prolific writer and speaker and has been publshed widely in prominent media. His ideas focus around human potential and how we can all love a better life. His work utilizes the latest scientific research and he looks into the habits and rituals of successful people. James says that by analyzing these top performers, together with the underlying scientific principles, is the best way to outline common success characteristics. Clear says that the best way to change the world is to start with yourself. It is about self-improvement. When you are sorted you will be able to make your contribution to the planet.

About this Site: James Clear

This site is about how to live a better life. Clear is concerned about the causes of behavior and the information behind high performance achievement. It is about applying these observations and putting them into daily practice. The interesting thing is that James likes to try out those concepts on himself. He becomes the experiment. The example. And. Then he writes about that.

About the Book: Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

When you want to transform your life, instead of thinking big, the counterintuitive approach is, to do it small. Real change is about the compounding effect of hundreds of small decisions. It is about turning little steps into automatic habits. Instead of trying to incorporate thirty minutes of exercise into your day, start with two push-ups.

Clear reveals how these miniscule changes can grow into such life-altering outcomes. He uncovered just a few life hacks and explains to people how and why they work. This book is also about the science of tiny habits to stay productive, motivated and happy.

Favourite articles:

Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating

The Decision Making Guide: How to Make Smart Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones


Joshua Becker
Author and Blogger
Book: The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

About: Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker Is about making modern life simpler. He has an intentional approach to minimalism. Becker is about finding more in life by owning less. Fewer possessions. This is an intentional way of living, and of being. Becker is a prolific writer and bestselling author. His philanthropic interests include The Hope Effect – a foundation which he founded. It a nonprofit organisation which is about changing how the world cares for orphans.

About this Blog: Becoming Minimalist

Based on the notion that intentionally living minimalistically can turn you and your home into a place of peace and contentment. It can show you a new way to a purposeful life. Becker is about decluttering. He helps you decide what to get rid of and what to keep. This site is about simplifying your lifestyle. He examines the underlying issues which contribute to over-accumulation in the first place. This site is also about turning your home into the HQ of your life. A place to launch a more fulfilling and productive life.

About the Book: The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

By decluttering your house, you can turn your home into a place of peace, contentment and purposeful living. It’s pre-Mary Kwando. There is a method to knowing what to get rid of and what to keep. Just doing this one major clean-up in your life, will help simplify your lifestyle, enormously.

Favourite articles:

Essential Minimalist Living: The 3 Things You Really Need.

The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life


Leon Ho
Author, Blogger, and Online 
Magazine Editor

About: Leon Ho

Leon had a vision. He started his work in 2005 as a way of sharing his personal productivity ideas on making life easier. He is widely recognised as a productivity and management expert due to the success he has had publishing over 30,000 articles on his site. Ho is also listed near the top of the Top 24 Young Asian Entrepreneurs. This vision of writing about and gathering articles from authors around the world was pioneering work at its best. His goal was to discover, apply and spread the secrets of personal development to the world.

Leon utilised the notion of leverage to increase his output, his productivity. He discovered simple techniques he called “hacks” that could help people increase their productivity. In essence, enlarging and enhancing their “fixed ability”.

Ho took time to research and reflect on his life purpose and how to live meaningfully. He came up with the idea that if you understood your limitations you could find the right tools to help yourself move towards living happily.

Part of Ho’s overall goal is to help the reader live a more fulfilling life. He has developed a framework that can be applied to almost any situation. It’s called the Breakthrough Framework. It’s about giving you the power to turn any limitation into an achievable opportunity.

About this Blog: Life Hack

From his life’s work, compiling a treasure trove of productivity tips and methods, Ho decided to summarise these experiences and publish them online. That was the start of the Lifehack organisation, which has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon, helping millions of readers get to the root cause of issues that have been holding them back.

Ho’s objective was to take complicated issues and break them down into simple processes. This online magazine is a place where readers come to find answers to life questions.

It’s about overcoming your limitations so that your “fixed ability” expands and you can become more.

This site has grown from a small blog to a global platform with millions of readers. The initial foray into life hacks revolved around the most commonly-held problems – people did not have enough time. So, Ho catered to that issue, initially. People then found that this site offered other gems.

Utilising the concept of leverage, HO linked up with experts and contributors from around the world. Life Hack Organisation has expanded because these contributors are now offering their experience and knowledge of this site, all tuned in to the common goal of helping others achieve their goals.

Favourite articles:

How to Practice Self Forgiveness and Move On With Joy

The Secret to Success is Failure


Jeff Moore

About: Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore started out pre-Blogger, as an English teacher. Obviously, this was not as fulfilling as he had wished. He was inspired to take a different course of action by an event in class. His students appeared to have limited ideas for creativity, and those ideas seemed to stem from the hype of the media of what was trending or what was important. Moore felt that these images were a distraction to true creativity and engagement, and living a self-determined life. The germination of his site commenced in 2013 and since then Jeff has managed to speak about his vision at the united Nations.

About: This Blog Everyday Power

In 2015 Jeff created his Blog site – Everyday Power. Based on the experiences in his English class he felt that students need to have access to more meaningful material. As a follower of the traditional and original self-development gurus, Jeff started writing about those ideas that those people espoused. He wanted to inform people how those ideas could be applied.
To get his massage out there Jeff commenced speaking at TEDx events. He was a big fan of education, of the power of guidance, advice and informing readers of new perspectives for personal growth. That’s how this site developed. Moore aims to keep his readers engaged by offering popular topics and answering readers’ questions related to such topics as: developing passion, improving confidence and mindset, how to reach goals and how to make a difference in the world.

Favourite articles:

What If Your Life Was Summed Up In One Sentence

How To Deal With Regret and Really Live


Jeremy Dean
Author and Blogger
Book:  Making Habits, Breaking  Habits

About:  Jeremy Dean

Dr Jeremy Dean is a psychologist. He is the founder of PsyBlog. Dean’s interest in writing about scientific research began in 2004. His interest primarily is in how the mind works. He has been featured widely in the media around the world. Dean is also an author as well as a Blogger.

About the Blog:

PsyBlog PsyBlog commenced in 2004 and primarily covers topics on scientific research. Dean’s writing and reading lead to his insights into how the mind works. He writes on topics such as: self-improvement, mental health, habits, learning and memory. Dean spices up his site with analyses that are both witty and have clarity. These studies are relevant to everyday life, as Dean provides smart, readable news for those readers, who like psychological insights backed up by science.

About the Book: Making Habits, Breaking Habits

We all know that willpower doesn’t stack up as a strategy against habits. Habits have been ingrained throughout our lives and we operate out of habitual responses up to 95% of the time. Dean says that even though habits are powerful they do not have to control us. Utilising the latest research on the brain science of habits, this new information can be harnessed to your benefit in control habits and turning them towards what you really want.

Favourite articles:      

5 Mental Disorders Linked To The Same Genes (M)

Positive Affirmations: 7 Scientific Ways To Use Them


Vanessa Van Edwards
Author and Blogger 
Book: Captivate: The Science Of Succeeding with People

About: Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa is fascinated by the non-verbal signals of body language, leadership and charisma. She writes widely on these topics. Vanessa can be described as a behavioural investigator, author, trainer and speaker. How Vanessa arrives at her content is through her human behavior research lab. This is where she uncovers the hidden forces that drive people’s behaviours. Hence, the development of the Science of People.

About the Blog: Science of People

Utilising the work from her human behavior research lab Vanessa share this knowledge and her insights, by teaching people how to improve interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Vanessa has developed a framework for understanding different personality styles to help people improve their emotional intelligence. It’s about how to improve communication on every level. Not many people have been able to do this, however, Vanessa has been able to help people turn their “soft skills” into actionable application. All of Vanessa’s work is scientifically based which adds value to her courses on how to succeed in business. You succeed by understanding the hidden dynamics of human behavior. That’s like having extra knowledge that not many people may know about.

About the Book: Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

Today, success in any endeavour, stems from superior communication skills. Superior communication skills are derived from understanding the hidden dynamics of human behaviour. Knowing the hidden forces that drive our behaviour patterns is the key. Vanessa gives the reader a wealth of shortcuts to help you take charge of your interpersonal actions. This book contains a wealth of topics on how to navigate social situations. How-to speed-read faces to gain an understanding of how they will respond to the content, emotionally. How to increase charisma, and a whole lot more. In the end, with Vanessa’s insights into how humans behave, you will be able to get along with, pretty much, anyone.

Favourite articles:

Charisma: What it is and How You Can Develop Yours

10 Essential People Skills You Need to Succeed


Katie Wells 
Author and Blogger
Book: The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox: The Essential DIY Guide to a Healthier, Cleaner, All-Natural Life

About: Katie Wells

Katie has added to the personal growth niche by adding her approach to initially, physical wellness, then to overall wellness, through highlighting natural remedies to enhance people’s lifestyle. From my perspective, if the physical is not included in personal growth, then you will not be able to reach your potential because your physical body is a manifestation of what you think, how you think, what actions you take and what lifestyle you impose on your body/mind. Katie has been contributing to the lifestyle arena for over a decade now. What initially inspired her to take action was a chance reading of an article on life expectancy. The article indicated that the current generation will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Why? Due to the increase of disease, bad eating habits, being more susceptible to toxic products and so on. From there Katie changed her family’s lifestyle. Katie’s goal is to help people make the transition to healthy eating easier, through shared learning and growing. As an award-winning blogger Wells provides wellness tips and natural remedies to her thousands of followers.

About the Blog: Wellness Mama

Katie’s blog is a systematic combination of different areas in your lifestyle that can be tackled, one step at a time. She writes on topics such as: food, recipes, beauty, hair, makeup and beauty regime, cleaning products, detoxing and natural remedies. It is about slowly changing your life and how you live, to one that is more rewarding. It specifically caters to busy people, so the remedies will save you time as well. This site is about providing answers to matters of the home, nutrition and motherhood. From my own perspective healing the physical body is the most necessary step in healing the mind, the emotions and the spirit. If you are unwell physically, then nothing else will work. Feeling better physically allows you to feel better, then gives you the strength to be able to instigate other changes needed in other areas of your lifestyle.

About the Book: The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox: The Essential DIY Guide to a Healthier, Cleaner, All-Natural Life

This book is about clean living and how to detox from all of the combined elements that are impinging on your life. How to detox. How to transform your diet. How to regain control over your health. It’s about tackling one area of your life first. This book provides natural remedies on matters around: the home, nutrition and motherhood.

Favourite articles:

Is Sparkling Water Healthy?

How to Whiten Teeth With Activated Charcoal


Cris Nikolov

About: Cris Nikolov

Nikolov’s interest in the personal growth niche stemmed from his observation and experience within the self-help arena. He found that the industry lacked scientific validation. He went further to espouse his views that mostly the self-help industry was based on “pseudo-science and bullshit.” He felt the early motivational gurus were just trying to sell people stuff. Nikolov felt inspired to tell his readers the truth. His goal was to spread knowledge, experience and positivity to the world. Nikolov’s youtube channel is one of the biggest motivational channels with 30M+ views of his videos. He proudly states that he has never sold a product. Controversially, he states that he does not believe in self-help courses. He monetises his business through ads.

About the Blog: The MotivationalGrid

Nikolov’s mission commenced in 2103 where he set out to change the world for the better. His blog is about finding information for his readers that is genuinely useful. For that reason, the contributors need to write articles that have actionable content, which is concise and easy to use. Because his readers are busy, the objective is to ignite a fire by giving them exactly what they need to change their life for the better. The content needs to be relevant, in bite-sized pieces, so that it can be easily implemented. Nikolovs’ aim is to help people’s lives improve by giving them the “how to”, to achieve their dreams. His persistence has paid off as this Blog has been ranked by various publications as one of the best motivational blogs in the world.

Favourite articles:

8 Motivational Tips to Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food

19 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself Today

How to Force Yourself to Sleep in 30 Seconds


Douglas Eby
Author and Blogger
Book: Developing Multiple Talents: The Personal Side of Creative Expression

About: Douglas Eby

Eby is a Master of Arts majoring in Psychology. Through his love of writing and researching he has developed as an on online publisher in the personal growth and creativity area. Over the years Eby has developed a conglomeration of sites to help readers develop their hidden talents. From his observation and experience Eby is able to write authoritatively about creativity and personal growth from many different perspectives.

About the Blog: The Creative Mind

This site began more than fifteen years ago. It is one of a combination of sites all falling under the banner titled: Talent Development Resources. This particular site, The Creative Mind, commenced out of a student project to help readers understand social, emotional and personal development and achievement challenges. Eby’s initial interest was in helping people explore their own lives. Eby likes to explore topics such as: positive psychology, happiness, high sensitivity, mood and creativity, self-concept and achievement and so on. It’s about providing content that has value for self-understanding.

This site is also about inspiring and enhancing creative expression. Eby also helps readers understand the links between the multitudinous areas surrounding creative talent and the barriers that can keep them from realising their abilities.

In summary, this site is designed to help people explore some of the key psychological and social issues that affect those who have multiple talents. And. To provide information and inspiration to enhance achievement and creative expression. It’s also about helping people develop a more authentic and expressive life.

About the Book: Developing Multiple Talents: The Personal Side of Creative Expression

This book highlights the hidden complexities behind creative people who share an enthusiasm for expressing multiple talents and passions. In order to be able to inform readers Eby has gleaned information about some of the key aspects of personality and inner life. In doing so, he has is able to show how those insights affect how multi-talented people make use of that complexity. He splices his expose with research on creativity, quotes and contributions from creativity coaches, psychologists and others. Eby also adds value by giving the reader links to many other valuable resources to help them explore more deeply and hopefully to be able to help them recognise and realise their own multiple, creative interest and talents.

Favourite articles:

Are Certain mental disorders linked to creative genius?

Are you passionate about your creative work making an impact?

10 Steps to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome


Tony Robbins
Author and blogger
Book: Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement

About: Anthony Robbins

One of the true gurus- real facilitators of change – in our generation, Robbins, a New your Times bestselling author and coach, has spent over thirty years helping people break through their limitations and take their living to another level. Robbins is all about transformation. Primarily Robbins’ work utilises the concepts of NLP by modelling and distilling strategies to help individuals and businesses optimise and grow. Robbins created the Anthony Robbins Foundation which is a vehicle for his humanitarian work.

About the Blog: Tony Robbins

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.”

In essence, this is what this site is about. Helping people transform out of “stuckness” and ordinariness, from a low-cal life, to living an extraordinary life.

“Training never stops when you want an extraordinary life.”

About the Book: Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement

Robbins has made an incalculable difference to millions of people world-wide, helping them break through and make that difference themselves, seeing the results, especially when they are able to lift their performance, and take it to the next level. This book is about taking dreams out of fantasy land and turning them into actionable life, a better life. Robbins shows people how to achieve the extraordinary quality of how to live your desires and what you deserve. It’s about how to master your personal and professional life. Robbins believes that if you harness the power of your mind you can achieve and create anything you want. In essence, fitness for the mind. It’s also about performing at your peak whilst increasing your emotional intelligence, your finances, your self-confidence and your influence.

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Brené Brown
Author and Researcher
Book: Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts

About: Brené Brown

 Brown is a multi No 1 New York Times bestselling author. We first heard about Dr Brown through her inspiring Ted talk on vulnerability. She’ a research professor at the University of Houston. Her areas of interest include: courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy, which she has been studying for over two decades. The Ted talk: The Power of Vulnerability is one of the top five most viewed talks, and it has had over 35 M views.

About the Site: Brené Brown

This blog is about helping people develop empathy, connection and courage. Brown says that we have to own our own stories. Our stories evolve throughout life. Life is a process. The bravest thing we can do as we are going through life is that we have to learn how to love ourselves during the process of life. She believes you have to walk through vulnerability and be grateful as you travel your journey.

About the Book: Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts

This book highlights the responsibility a leader takes on when they step into a leadership role. Leadership being the ability to recognise the potential in ideas and people, and who then must step up and have the courage to develop that potential. Leaders should remain open. This book is also about cultivating the emotional intelligence of a leader, helping them develop empathy, connection and courage. Brown studies the emotions and experiences that give meaning to our lives. This book has developed out of the perennial question often asked by leaders; “How do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders and how do you embed the value of courage in your culture?”

Brown has found that daring leadership is a collection of four teachable skills. Skills that are observable and measurable as well. It is also about learning and unlearning. Learning to be brave. Unlearning how to be comfortable. Brown teaches people about how to step up into brave leadership.

Favourite articles:

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Mark Manson
Author and Blogger
Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

About: Mark Manson

Manson started out life on the internet with an online business. This eventually turned into a full-time Blog by 2009. He comes from a contrarian position by studying that we are wrong about everything. It is just that some people are less wrong than others. Manson says that we have to appreciate our struggles and that the majority of them stem from the fact that we are trying to prove ourselves all of the time. His philosophy is: life is about solving problems. So, pick good ones. Human emotions are flawed. Conflict is inevitable and often necessary. Quite often things need to get broken before they can be made better. Another controversial statement Manson made was: “appreciate love, but understand there are things more important than love.”

About the Blog: Mark Manson

This blog started when Manson was in University writing about his personal life. As time went on, he found that he enjoyed writing and found he was good at it. Manson has built his blog by reading philosophy and psychology and incorporating these ideas into the blog. Part of his philosophy is that he believes that real understanding in life comes from living through failure. Over the years Manson has added scientific background and research to give a better perspective on topics. He felt he needed to be better informed if he was going to be taken seriously.

Manson bucks the system when he says that life and courses are not about feeling better. He says its about being good, as yourself. What this means is that the constant compulsion to feel better about yourself has led people into the realm of being self-absorbed. Manson states that the most useful trait people can have is resilience. This comes through experiencing difficulties and challenges. You need these in order to gain emotional and psychological strength.

About the Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

An irreverent book exposing the self-help industry to over-indulgence in trying to find happiness and be positive all of the time. This coddling approach to life has infected modern society and this generation, rewarding them for just showing up. Today people are simply spoiled. Mason tries to illuminate that people who think they can have it all, be it all and be happy, are truly missing the point. Research backs his view up and which states that it’s not about trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Its’ about trying to deal with the lemons better. Deal with your limitations. Know them and accept them. Only by dealing with our fears and negativity are we able to stop and see the lessons and learn what we really need to learn, in order to have a more meaningful life. The reader has to learn to work out what is important to them. It’s all about life experiences and how you respond to those challenges.

Favourite articles:

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