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What is Wellness That Works All About?

Wellness That Works is a Personal Development Blog. The philosophy behind this work is that wellness is about increasing your sense of wellbeing and thus your quality of life. We achieve that through the adoption of simple self-care strategies that help prevent issues from being exacerbated at all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is about practicing simple daily habits that focus on holistic and natural therapies and remedies, self-care, self-healing and preventative care. We also recommend various alternate therapists when needed. What is Wellness That Works These therapists can help accelerate your health and wellbeing goals more quickly, and, more easily. I personally use therapists often, when I am stuck, and do not appear to be able to resolve an issue, by myself.

In some instances, some people may need traditional medical help or psychological help. People who are in this category will have been diagnosed with severe depression or anxiety issues and who may not have the willpower or physical and mental strength to be able to implement self-care strategies themselves. They simply need extra help from a different range of people. You can take the Stress Quiz here to find out your current level of wellbeing.

What is Wellness That Works

What is Wellness That Works?

Wellness is a proactive goal. It is on-going, if, you want to achieve and maintain optimal states of health and wellbeing. Wellness is about healthy living. This not only includes the physical: fitness, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness, it also includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as reducing or eliminating stress on all of these levels. It is a life-time practice. However, sometimes people don’t know where to start. This Personal Development Blog aims to help people start that journey, and hopefully, help them maintain that new, healthy, wholistic lifestyle.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as: ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.’ Many people have dis-ease in their lives and may not present with actual diseases as such. However, if you have any feelings of dis-ease in any way, this means you are stressed. You might have an absence of disease but you cannot classify yourself as being in a state of wellbeing.

So, wellness on this site, is associated with health on many levels. If you are suffering dis-ease in one area, it will affect other areas of your life. You simply cannot operate at optimal wellbeing, if you are not healthy, on every level.

However, the underlying issue of trying to attain wellness, and the main issue for most people is this, they simply do not understand the role stress plays in overall dis-ease, or any disease. Stress is at the basis of all dis-ease and disease. You cannot be well if you are stressed!

Many writers underrate the effects of stress on the body/mind, and hence overall wellness. Some suggest tension-reducing activities such as: going for a walk; having a massage, or having a nice relaxing bath. These self-care strategies only work to reduce “in-the-moment” tension They do not help to reduce the deeply-ingrained, emotionally-based stress issues, that keep resurfacing, throughout life.

The question you might need to ask yourself is this: why do these stress issues continue to resurface?

If you are in that position of having recurring stress issues, it means you have not resolved these issues. You may have been able to release “in-the-moment” tension, but you have not been able to get to the root cause of what triggers your stress, or how you react to stressful events.

Stress is at the Basis of All Lack of Wellness Issues

And. That’s my point of difference here, in how we deal with wellness, at Wellness That Works.

At the basis of all of my work is the axiom of needing to reduce or eliminate deeply-ingrained, repetitious reactions to stress. These repetitions/reactions to stress, are that which keep you trapped from leading your best life. These reactions keep you stuck in FEAR, instead of being in states of LOVE.

Wellness is also about taking personal responsibility for your own health, not handing it over to your medical practitioner, the government. Or some health official.

Having an overall goal of wellness means you need to have: an intention that you want to improve your overall wellbeing. You then need to make a choice/a decision about what strategy you might pursue, and then, you need to make a commitment to undertake this activity regularly, and lastly, you need to take action towards that end.

The entire point of you choosing wellness in your life, is to help yourself achieve a state of increased awareness. Without awareness, you literally will continue to swim in a sea of lack of focus, lack of purpose and lack of motivation. You will not be able to achieve any of your goals, if you do not increase your state of awareness.

That is the “why” behind my Model of Wellness: Stress to Success, to help you reduce or eliminate the stress in your life, so that you become more present and more aware. When you are more aware, you will then be able to recognize the forces around you that are influencing your behaviour, and which impinge negatively, on your body/mind. How you do that is this: when you can change how you respond to stress, you gain back control and direction of your life. That is the end goal. Being back in control.

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Celine Healy
CEO Wellness That Works

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